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Property Qualifications

In order to purchase a policy from AMIE you must meet eligibility requirements. While the eligibility requirements may vary slightly for specific products the general requirements are:
  • The property must be your primary Florida residence.
  • The property must be owner occupied for a significant portion of the year.
  • The property must be secured by anchored tie-down in accordance with Florida, city and county regulations.
  • The property must have a minimum width must be twelve (12) feet.
  • The property must have skirting or otherwise fully enclosed foundation.
  • The property must have a handrail where there are 3 or more steps.
  • The property must be maintained and show pride of ownership.
  • Attachments to the property must be described & listed on the application.

Additional Qualifications

In addition to the eligibility qualification, certain risk characteristics may make the property ineligible to be insured by the Company. These some of these factors include:
  • Risk with trees touching any insurable structure.
  • Risks within 1500 feet of tidal waters, except with Underwriting approval.
  • Office Occupancy or Business Pursuits.
  • Homes that are subject to brush fires, cave-in, flooding, excessive wind/hail or landslides except with underwriter approval.
  • Homes with more than two lien holders, except with underwriter approval.
  • Risks with vicious dogs or any mix thereof, or exotic animals or farm animals.
  • Homes with existing damage.
  • No Trampolines.

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